Thursday, March 1, 2007

More on the weather

DO you suppose the "Golf Gods" only smile on you if you are a good person, or do you create your own gods by way of positive thinking. This week I have only had the good fortune to hit balls once. The weather was perfect. Sunny and about 7 degrees. We want to go golfing next week. I am planning to will the good weather to last until that day. I'll let you all know how that little experiment works out.

Dean's Way: Today on Dean's Way I want to discuss attitude. What makes so many golfers so pissed off when they don't make the perfect shot. As far as I am concerned, golf is a recreational sport. It is there to relax me and to make me forget about everything else in the world for a few hours.
While I admit I am probably the biggest golf obsesser on the planet ( Jason excluded) I see no positivity in screaming profanities and smashing my driver into the ground every time a shot goes awry. If this sounds like you, please, for the sake of the game I love and respect, get a grip. It's only a game.

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