Friday, March 9, 2007

A great day in golf history

So today I finally got to give my daughter Dylan her birthday gift, her first set of golf clubs. These things are adorable. She turned 4 years old on wednesday. She was absolutly thrilled with them. We imediatly went to the driving range where she couldn't wait to show me her skills as a duffer.

How's that for determination.

She tends to strike the ball a little like Happy Gilmore but she has a lot of fun and that's all that counts.

If any of you are interested, the clubs are Dunlop Loco "Crazy Long" and they retail for $139.99
They are tiny. The Driver is a little less than half the length of my R7. I took a few swings with it and did manage to put one out about 135 yards. Dylan thought it was pretty cool.

Dean's Way: On Monday Jason and I went to Michaelbrook. They were still the only place in Kelowna open. We played 27 holes which took about 5 hours. As usual it was great. (the golf not necessarily the course). My score was mediocer on the first 18. I shot an 89. The last 9 holes we were rushing to get in before my chiropracter appointment. Basicly we were playing speed golf. I made some of the best shots of my life including three concecutive 1 puts. I assume it had nothing to do with my sudden ability to improve and everything to do with my lack of time.
I didn't have all day to overthink my shots. I was just stepping up to the ball, lining up, taking a deep breath and swinging. The next time I play, I will try this again and I'll let you know the result.

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