Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Living in the Okanagan, we have become accustomed to a certain type of lifestyle. It's easy to start to complain about the weather when it's not cooperating like we're used to, but then I'm quickly shut up by others around Canada that have far more fierce weather than we do.

By March 1st we're quite used to sunny days, and warm temperatures, but this year it's a lot cooler than usual. So I continue to moan about it, whine about it, and receive quick kicks to the butt by those of you who are living through ice storms and snow squalls.

And just because I can't let it go... The local forecast for the next few days -

Sure, the weekend looks warm enough, especially Sunday, but I'm not golfing those days. We already planned on going Monday. Sometimes time with the family takes precedence over good weather.

And what about the days after that? If theweathernetwork.com is right about it, it'll look something like this -

Which is, in my opinion, not a reason to move to the Okanagan Valley. 5 degrees and sunny? Sure I'll go golfing, but other than the 12th and 13th, it doesn't look good.

So what do you do when you're pining to golf and the weather is holding you back? I, of course, watch The Golf Channel... a lot. Chip in the yard, putt on the carpet - both inside and on my deck (You have to mix it up a little bit. The deck runs faster than my hallway). Does anyone have any other ways of dealing with it?

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