Saturday, February 24, 2007


Alright, I'm a lefty, I suppose I'll have to admit it sometime or another. People look at you funny when you're swinging the club the wrong way (although it is to my right, so isn't that the right way?).

I grew up throwing right, and writing right, but all stick sports I've played have always been left. Whether it's hockey, baseball, or golf, it's left for me.

So what's with the post about being left? Well, I've only been playing golf for a year, and I bought most of my clubs used ( is the best, even for Canadians), but I did buy my putter locally for $14.99... new. I'd put a frown face, but it's my own fault.

Is every putter the same? You whack a ball into a little hole in the ground, so why would you need a special stick worth more than a sleeve of balls?

Well, I'll tell you why. I'm a left handed golfer who borrowed a Wilson Blueline right handed putter for my first round this year and I think I putted better than I did in any round last year.

I also recently tried out an Odyssey White Steel 2-ball putter and found it phenomenal. Having something directly behind your ball to help in the alignment of a putt is a must for me - and quite possibly you. If you're using a blade style putter that looks like it came from 1985 you'd be crazy not to at least go to your local golf shop and try out some of the newer mallet style putters.

I'll eventually get that 2-ball putter, but should I go with righty or lefty? It's a toss up. I think either will do the trick, although for those longer lag putts the more control and coordination I have over the ball the better, so maybe I'll stick to the left.

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